Dr. Moran teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Marine Sciences.

Undergraduate Courses

Marine Biology (MARS 3450)

Course Summary: The study of marine organisms and the environments they inhabit; diversity of marine organisms, primary and secondary production in marine habitats, ecological interactions in marine environments, and management concerns. Students will be familiar with marine organisms and the ecological interactions that occur within major marine environments.

Coastal Summer Semester (MARS 4500, 4510)

Course Summary: Students are introduced to field and laboratory methods used to investigate marine ecosystems, and undertake an indpendent research project in Georgia's coastal environments. This course emphasizes methods for identifying and studying marine organisms, oceanographic and coastal marsh sampling, and other field research methods. The course is taught at the UGA Marine Institute on Sapelo Island and the UGA Skidaway Institute of Oceanography.

Graduate Courses

Marine Ecological Genomics (MARS 8180)

Course Summary: Advanced graduate material on genomics of marine microbes and the integration of genomics concepts into marine ecology and biogeochemistry.

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